Managing Director – Michael Whitehouse

Michael Whitehouse

Having studied engineering at Wollongong University, Michael developed in a career with Lend Lease in the design team. During his time with Lend Lease, Michael developed a number of design skills and gain experience in sustainable design across a number of drawing platforms, job types and project sizes.

Michael was then given the opportunity to assist the University of Wollongong in their entry into the China Solar Decathlon. The Solar Decathlon project involved designing, building and operating a net zero energy home through a number of competitions to simulate real world living, while competing against University teams from around the world. Michael’s role as services manager including a heavy design role, involved in most aspects of construction and operated the home through the decathlon contests in China. The team was successful in building the house in Australia, disassembling and transporting the house to China, rebuilding the house in 10 days and competing in the Decathlon contests before disassembling the house again and returning to Australia. The team was able to achieve first place against 20 international University teams in the largest architectural and University led design contest in the world, achieve the highest recorded score of any Solar Decathlon contest.

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In addition to his constructed homes, Michael is an active young property investor and has an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the cost of homes, the return and the financing of construction projects. Michael has actively built a property portfolio in excess of $2,500,000 and has been featured in the Australian Property Investment magazine.


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