Industrial Warehouse

A client approached us with an industrial plot of land, that was purchased at a good price because the smaller size of the block made it difficult to develop on.  The existing block had a concrete covering but no structures, having previously been used as a car-yard.  The proposed development sought to construct a larger warehouse for the storage of earth moving equipment.  The 700m2 block had the zoning for a warehouse, but various council requirements include landscaping, vehicle movements, parking and setbacks, would have resulted in a buildable areas accommodating little more than a garden shed.

Through engaging vehicle movement consultants and through multiple pre-lodgement meetings with council, we were able to reduce front landscaping in line with adjacent sites and use wider garage doors and internal area for truck turning circles and parking.  With a bit of tricky structural engineering, we incorporated customer and disable parking adequately at the rear.

The result was a large 270m2 high bay warehouse with an additional 60m2 of undercover area to the rear.

Even though the council and consultant fees ended up more than expected, the cheaply purchased previously difficult to develop block gained DA approval for the proposed warehouse with council.  This was a fantastic result for the client, who now had the opportunity to develop the block, or sell with a Development Approval.  The block of land was on-sold with value added through the design process.

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